How it started...

I started this website in the hope that not only people who are interested in flamenco find teachers, classes, workshops and get connected in Hawaii but also flamenco professionals and aficionados elsewhere can find us.  Living in Hawaii, for many of us it’s difficult to study this difficult art form, maintain passion and interest for flamenco, as we are located so far from the source.  We would like to take any flamenco opportunities possible; we welcome more professional shows and workshops and hope that more people are interested in flamenco and that we get better and more flamenco scenes happening in Hawaii.  I would like to help contribute to promote flamenco in Hawaii.


Flamenco is considered to be a way of life.  It turned out true for me.  I love cante; it made me cry even without understanding it very much.  I ended up going back to school and studying Spanish language and literature at the University because I wanted to understand the lyrics and more about flamenco.  As an aficionada of flamenco, I studied baile and cante in Jerez de la Frontera and Granada, Spain and also in Albuquerque, NM, where I met a number of inspiring flamenco artists, teachers and fellow students. While I was always complaining and lamenting the lack of flamenco presence in Hawaii, they encouraged me to start something, beginning with organizing a juerga (flamenco get together).


Currently, we have a visiting artist in town.  Marco Van Doornum is not only a gifted flamenco guitarist but also an excellent teacher. We have been privileged to learn and gain understanding of flamenco better through his workshops.


Thanks to Marco and those inspiring people, here I am starting with this website, organizing workshops and last night we had a first peña sevillana.  We began wtih a dance lesson by Vanessa followed by a fiesta.  Thank you, Marco, for playing, and Vanessa, for teaching.   Thank you everyone who participated in the spirit flamenco.  I was honored to sing for the fiesta.  What a fun night!  ¡Mil gracias!

¡Viva Flamenco Hawaii!